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Option 1

Designed to carry a 50mm single 2500kg ratchet with a hook and keeper. Ideal for general freight and with very high loads where straps cannot be thrown through small gaps. Suited for those loads or freight that are mostly loaded and unloaded from the same side of the unit. This option can be installed under mezzanine floors.

Also available in a 75mm single 5000kg ratchet with a hook and keeper. Good option when transporting larger machinery or timber that require extra security.

Option 2

As the name suggests, this system is designed to carry 2 x 2500kg ratchets. There is 1 x ratchet on either side of the strap/unit. This is an ideal set up when you need to load and unload multiple times from either side of the unit, and only requires opening one curtain to remove or load the freight. This option can be installed under mezzanine floors.

NOTE: With Options 1 & 2, straps can be cut according to the height of the truck floor using a hot knife to prevent fraying to the strap. The benefit of cutting straps is to allow the forklift operator to load freight onto the truck without the straps being wedged underneath freight. Once the truck is loaded the driver can simply pull down the straps using the extendable pole which is provided with the system

Option 3

A robust system specifically designed for carrying timber in curtainsiders. Allows for a more efficient restraining of timber, this means drivers do not have to throw twitch chains, protecting their shoulders, reducing the chance of injury and time off from the job.

System Information

  • Strapngo NZ Ltd is a proudly New Zealand owned and operated.
  • The team at Strapngo are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Our systems are designed with materials to avoid rust and corrosion.
  • Each Strapngo system is designed to cover 2 pallets across a unit. A 10 pallet truck will require 5 systems, a 14 pallet truck will require 7 systems and a 22 pallet truck will require 11 systems.
  • Additional Strapngo systems can be installed, to accommodate for smaller and/or odd shaped freight.
  • Depending on use, different combination can also be installed, standard and chain system together.
  • The Strapngo system can be installed into either new builds or retro fitted to existing units (available & shipped nationwide).
  • We stock a full product supply of all Strapngo componentry (shipped nationwide).


We offer a 12 month warranty on all parts and labour (excludes retractable pole and damage due to negligence or human error)